Understanding the Principles of Extraction

If you have heard terms such as Extraction Yields and TDS have begun to be thrown around at work and want to know what they mean then Understanding the Principles of Extraction may be the session for you.

This education session will seek to provide a base level understanding of the principles of the extraction process and better equip you to make informed decisions when you are deciding how best to represent a particular coffee.

We will begin by exploring the theory behind extraction, then we will move to brewing coffee and taking measurements using the Refractometer. The focus will be on filter coffee for the purposes of demonstration but the same principles can be applied to Espresso.

Where: Mecca Espresso Ultimo (646 Harris St)

When: Tuesday 17th of July, 6.30-8.30pm

Cost: $90 (plus booking fee)

For tickets and more info please visit http://extractionprinciples.eventbrite.com/

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