Extraction Test 2


Can you tell me what the Extraction Yield % and TDS % is without using the VST app?

In the first test we were dealing with a drip brew such as a V60, this time we have an Aeropress which is an immersion brew. We have different mathematics for immersion brews (which is explained in detail in this previous post on Drip vs Immersion) in this instance we have to consider that the liquid retained in the coffee grounds is actually at the same strength as the brew in the cup so we need to include it in our calculations by using Brew Water for our TDS calculations rather then Beverage Mass.

So for the answers…

TDS % = Coffee Solubles/Brew Water x 100
TDS % = 3.15g/225g x 100
TDS % = 1.4%
EXT % = Coffee Solubles/Dose x 100
EXT % = 3.15g/14g x 100
EXT % = 22.5%
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