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We had the privilege of hosting Scott Rao for some workshops earlier in the year on Roasting. The information he shared was an advanced preview of the content of his new book The Coffee Roaster’s Companion. In this book Scott has distilled the experience and knowledge gained from 19 years as a roaster and a consultant into 88 pages. We are offering the opportunity to pre-order a copy of this book to ensure you get a copy from the shipment which  was sent on Monday the 11th of August. If you take advantage of the pre-order offer you will also receive free shipping within Australia.

Here are some excerpts from the book, click on the photos for a larger image:

The book covers everything from Green Coffee Chemistry to Roast Machine Design, Planning a Roast Batch to Measuring Results. The book also reveals Scott’s Three Commandments of Roasting  that he introduces in this way.

As a roaster and a consultant over the past nineteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to cup and view the roast data for each of more than 20,000 batches roasted on a variety of machines by various methods. About five years ago, I spent several days poring over reams of roast data in an attempt to find the common elements in the best batches I’d ever tasted.* To be clear, I’m not referring to “really good” batches. I focused only on the data from batches so special that I could “taste” them in my memory months or years after physically tasting them. That effort yielded what I think of as the “commandments of roasting.”

This book is both for the seasoned roast master looking for more information on common criteria that affect a roasts but also for those looking to get into roasting. 88 pages Hardcover.

PRE ORDER Coffee Roaster’s Companion by Scott Rao

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Our Pre Order offer has ended.