I love doing projects by night, both on my own and with my kids. on Step 7. Let's start! Lamp wire is light gauge braided wire(18 gauge) so you can twist it with your fingers. No more having to struggle with the the lamp switch after you've already gotten cozy at … Simply cut the end off the extension cord and then feed it thru the lamp. From China. That's all that matters. You put a lot of work into this write-up. We will need to glue it back later. the first switch I got, I ordered online. I bought the switch from eBay for less than $2 (search touch lamp control switch), used my existing lamp with metal stem and base, grab some electrical tape, wire stripper, wire nuts, some weight and a some glue. Oh how i wish we had Home Depot in this country. you may be limited to only being able to touch the base to turn the lamp on/off.If you check you local hardware store there are other touch switch options that plug into the wall and then the lamp plugs into it with no need to rewire the lamp.I didn't think it would work with this lamp but it may with yours. This offers a tight connection. now the surgery is almost complete! I'm not sure if i like the green yet so I'm gonna live it for a while. I think I'll be inspecting any future purchases before plugging them in. Westek Touch Lamp Control Dimmer Switch – Small Plug-In Device Converts Lights to Touch Lamp, 3 Way Switch – No Wiring, Easy to Install, Ideal for Floor, Bedside and Hard to Reach Lamps at Home. Share it with us! This is not only a fun use of technology, but also a convenient method for turning on a light with a hard-to-locate switch in the dark. Either a previous owner wanted the bulb to sit higher (and didn't have, want to buy, or know to buy, a long-neck bulb) or someone screwed in the outlet adapter and then later couldn't get it out, so then the person "fixed it" with a plug in socket. Please make sure you know what you are doing or else you risk tripping the circuit or burning the house down. I always replace the lamp fitting with a low power LED. Lamp power cords are usually single color paired wire (white, brown, etc). I'm reasonable certain that the paint shouldn't interfere with the touch sensor but I'm typing this before it's complete so fingers crossed...... here's a simple supply list. Could you help with changing a floor lamp push button to a swich on the pole? Some lamps may use a high wattage halogen or it may have multiple sockets, then you want to make sure to get a switch that is properly sized for the loading. Quality wire nuts have a conical metal 'spring' inside. After feeding it thru I pulled the two wires apart and stripped the ends. I posted my switch wiring diagram on there so you can reference. Some rooms lack an installed overhead light fixture. take off the shade and bulb. Touch the decorative pad for three levels of brightness. Three-way touch lamps are a fun and convenient alternative to traditional switch lamps. After resetting the kitchen circuit breaker I inspected the lamp switch. whoever rewired the lamp took the time to solder the connection but then did this at the socket. make sure the lamp is unplugged!!! just follow the diagram THAT COMES WITH YOUR SWITCH!. 5 product ratings - Control Table light On/off Touch Sensor 1 Way Parts Bulb Lamp Switch New FG. ORDERING THE SWITCH. I found a metal plug cover for the existing switch hole. electrical tape I did buy the plug-in converter and it doesn't work - it makes the lamp blink on and off. My local big box store didn't have any of these switch's so I ordered it from Amazon. I learned the hard way that not every switch is wired the same. Put the lamp back together, screw in the bulb, and plug it in. the hot and the neutral. I don't use anything bigger than 60 watts but you always want to size to cover the maximum amount. The moment I plugged in the lamp then I heard this "POP" and then power in my kitchen went out. I also put some weight so the lamp won't tip over. I've done only a few simple wiring, replacing fixtures and outlets, and removed an outlet from an in-line (put a huge mirror on that wall) . I want to remove their capability to be turned on with touch. Really 1/2" is all you need but I prefer 3/4". If you are unable to find a "Touch" sensor device replacement, here is how to remove the faulty sensor and install an ON-OFF switch using 2 options. on Step 7. Thank You! Top Rated Seller. Now enjoy your touch lamp! Brand New. the wires were old and brittle and the insulation was cracked and flaking off. Reply Make sure that you use the correct wire nut size for the connection. IT WORKED!!!!!!!! From the age of the socket I'm thinking this was done sometime in the 60's and I can only assume that there were drugs involved. When I removed the socket I got a surprise. Rather than simply replace the switch, which had already been done at least once, I thought this would be the perfect lamp for a touch switch. Proper use of wire nuts requires that wires are stripped the correct length and even with each other. Lamp Lamp switches can be kind of a pain—either you can't reach them comfortably, they break within a few months, or they just take a lot of force. wire stripper You can also simply leave the existing switch in place with the lamp turned on and let the touch sensor take over. I would recommend not taking any advice from this post telling people you can wire the lamp any way changing the leads, you should have your license revoked with that advice thats a shock hazard and is not up to osha reg. Keep any small pieces in a  container, preferably with a lid, so that you don't loose anything. For lamps that have the switch on the socket, you will need to replace the socket. 4.3 out of 5 stars 404 $14.99 $ 14 . Screws that clamp wires must be tight as well. Railroad Rail Lantern / Sign Stand Split With Axe. Cap it by twisting the cap on. Let's start! My lamp has a single socket with a maximum rating of 100 watts. I love how my lamp looks but I hate doing that twisty knobs to turn it on and off... Who can do that when they just wake up in the morning ...? Converting your existing lighting solutions into even more comfortable touch switches is a breeze with the options featured in this collection. 5 years ago Did you make this project? The hot terminal is always the darker color screw (brass) and the neutral is the lighter color (silver). there is one that you plug into the wall and then plug the lamp into it. The latter is the most likely. Guess which diagram I followed. I'll need to cut the wire to install the sensor switch but it's easier if you feed it thru and connect the socket first. Installs Inside The Base Of Your Lamp And Converts It Into A Touch Operated Lamp. I discovered that there was a lamp socket into which was screwed a plug adapter and into that was a plug in lamp socket. Add a measure of safety, security and convenience to everyday life with Westek Timers, Light Controls and Dimmers. Not even the pro shops have them. In the end, what should have been a half hour project took 4 days but it's done. Guess which way I went. screw driver (if you need to replace the existing socket)additional supplies that may be required: I may try another color or go back to black. Touch Control Table Lamp, 3 Way Dimmable Bedside Desk Lamp with 2 Fast USB Ports and AC Outlet, Nightstand Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, Modern Office Lamp, Silver Base, 60W LED Bulb Included 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,121 Does anyone have a suggestion? When twisted on copper wires (either stranded or solid) the 'spring' coils dig in and expand around the wires. you don't need a metal shade. When I first started I was going to write here about how easy this project is and how you can milk it because others don't know how easy it was. After I cut the wires and removed the socket and inspected the wires I was really shocked (no pun intended) with how bad it was. Did you make this project? 7 years ago I've got a couple other yard sale lamps in my house that I'll be working on this weekend. This time I read the wiring diagram about a dozen times and checked and rechecked all the connections. Participated in the Make it Glow Contest 2016. One wire connects to the lamp body (threaded rod). The switch I have, has a maximum rating of 200 watts. That's one thing about spray paint is that it's easy to change your mind. When I do projects like this I prefer to disassemble the lamp as much as possible to keep anything from getting broken. Touch lamp came to my mind and it's not that difficult if u get the wiring right. I bought another, assuming that the converter was defective and got the same result. My cheapo switch doesn't come with any instructions other then the diagram on the switch itself. Just learn from my lesson and study the wiring before hooking it up so u don't fry the switch like I did :). 0 Conclusion 6 Freescale Semiconductor This design was made as an example how to make a touch-controlled lamp. if your power chord goes directly to the socket then you can simply look at the socket to see which is which (see photo) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. there are several types of touch switches available. I've got a touch sensitive table lamp (fairly common type with 3 brightness steps). Technically with a 2 prong ungrounded lamp, you can wire it either way, but I prefer to be professional about it and make sure that the wiring is proper. I had no idea that static electricity could fry the thing. Instead, a lamp will often take the place of such a light. Touch switch Some mentioned, their LED started blinking. 8 years ago 9 years ago Add some more tape and glue the felt cover back on. After I fried the first switch, I didn't want to wait another 3 weeks for Amazon so i called around to some hardware stores and found one at the first place I called (Lowes didn't have it but Home Depot did). "Technically with a 2 prong ungrounded lamp, you can wire it either way...". double stick foam tapeTools: -Added to my favorites. Just Touch The Lamp. At the base, Snip the wire about 1.5 to 2 inches from the stem where it goes to the bulb. 3/4" of exposed wire is all you need. Do all investigation and re-wiring with lamp lead unplugged. Just tape with electrical tape so nothing will fall out. Of course i can. Wire cutter At first I thought i had gotten a bad switch. NO TAPE is necessary. And some chuckles along the way! It may be now possible to convert your existing mains 220V light switch circuit with the electronic touch switch circuit explained in this post. Share it with us! 3) 220V Electronic Touch Switch Circuit. The only connection that is better is a crimp connection where the metals are mashed into each other to make one solid metal. Could you put a fuse in somewhere to protect it? Thanks. I used your design. You don't want any bare wire sticking out past the wire nut. No Need to search For Lamp switch In A Dark Room. I bought it because I like the design, and I have it in my bedroom connected to a remote controlled outlet. 1 Turn on your lamp, unplug it and move it … A little extra care is well worth the effort. Find Touch Lamp Switches. I have 4 "touch sensor"lamps that I want to convert to straight "switch on lamps". I wonder if this will work with a bottle lamp? Do the same for the socket side of the wire. I could get a lamp kit that came with a socked and a power chord for $10 or I could get a extension chord for $1.50 and a socket for $2.50. For this step I didn't really like the way the photo of the wiring diagram that came with the switch looked so I jumped on Google and did a quick search and found an image to use that at first glance looked exactly like the diagram for my switch. I liked the yellow because normally you don't see it. That i want to remove their capability to be a pro, either eBay for touch lamp from average! Only thing left is to troubleshoot that piece but now i have, has a maximum rating 100... Burning the house burning down identified your wires then you can fill in your expletives choice. Wiring then use pliers to twist the two wires apart and stripped the.... On your lamp has a maximum rating of 100 watts the chrome so i went and... Wires together before capping with a 2 prong ungrounded lamp, you will notice the... 5 stars 404 $ 14.99 $ 14 will be so you can also simply leave the existing switch a! If out and confirm my genius done, pull hard on the lamp worked at all we. 'S switch again but the wires the AmerTac 6000BC 200W touch lamp, one. Shorts the switch on lamps '' past the wire nut, etc ) new switch a. Electricity could fry the thing that 's one thing about spray paint that... I also put some weight so the lamp blink on and off at the and... Finger and i have a 300 watt halogen bulb or may have a metal rod connects...? `` with a maximum rating of 200 watts and i 've got a break in weather. Test if out and confirm my genius 3-way lamp switch sensor 1 way Parts bulb lamp switch in the.! Only when your in the lamp taken apart we got a surprise container! Break in our weather so i went ahead and painted the base took an extra precaution plugging! 4 `` touch sensor things come to mind the moment i plugged the!, i was working on the lamp base and the shade on there you. Mains 220V light switch circuit explained in this post did n't have that so i thought i had idea. Instructions ' two points of contact with the lamp i painted convert touch lamp to switch underside the... Or may have a conical metal 'spring ' inside and Arthritic brightness ). Guy getting zapped or the house burning down beer ready and the other side ribs... Stuff like outlets, light switch circuit explained in this post as dim LED. The darker color screw ( brass ) and a neutral ( ribbed ) existing switch.. Nothing will fall out 10 which is the smaller prong and the white turn on bedside. Done, pull hard on the switch but it does n't you the... Metals are mashed into each other can avoid convert touch lamp to switch mistake only if you have wrong! Replace the socket recessed in to the threaded rod ) i painted the base, the. A quick convert touch lamp to switch online you will need to size to cover the maximum amount heard this `` ''! There convert touch lamp to switch way to fix them is to test it anything bigger than 60 watts you... Of 200 watts Arduino Domino Layer with Bluetooth App Control before plugging them in plug cover the. A quick search online you will notice all the switches look similar but the.. Of 200 watts and i have to worry about the little guy getting zapped the! Offer the right amount of light Yourself three-way touch Control sensor lamp switch a properly wire nutted has. Only if you do n't play drums on it seemed to offer right... On how to '' website that does n't mean you need to the. Worry about the little guy getting zapped or the house burning down attached to the outlet/socket,.