But it does sound like a leak, and not "toity sweat". Question: There is a water leak at the base of toilet. Why did the toilet leak from the bottom as well? I recently had a clog in my toilet (Its and old toilet, its not bolted now all the way and needs to be changed soon) and while it backed up, it also leaked from the base of the toilet. I make a little DIY project out of it. Follow the line and if it leads to a thru-hull, make sure that there is no rust or deterioration of the hose clamps or thru-hull itself. The base of a toilet is held to the floor with two tee-bolts threaded up from the mounting ring through holes in the base of the toilet. A leaking toilet can cause damage to your bathroom and your pocketbook. When you notice that you have a leak at the base of your toilet, you need to try and establish whether it is coming from the base of your toilet or coming from another part of your toilet (i.e. Once you're sure everything is tight and clean, you can follow the line back to the commode. And if something is broken down there, then why doesn't it do it when I flush the toilet now that the clog is gone? I would say that in the past 16 months owning this house it has happened 7 or 8 times. If the toilet is leaking from the ceiling, take a look at the area where the base of the bowl is connected to the floor. We have a leak near the bottom of our toilet in our RV. I'm wondering why this happened. Sometimes, it may leak without flushing. If these bolts are loose, the toilet may rock, breaking the seal formed by the wax ring. I'm of the opinion that a toilet should never EVER seep water from the base for ANY reason, and I'm feeling very frustrated. The bottom of the ceramic toilet base seals to the floor flange with a flange seal. Why Toilets Leak at the Base. One reason the toilet could be leaking at the base is that the t-bolts, which fasten the toilet to the floor, need to be tightened. A toilet leaking around the base can be an overwhelming home maintenance issue for anyone. It is a circular flat piece of rubber, PVC or metal that has holes drilled in at intervals. Water which is pooling around the toilet base all the time – not just after flushing -- is actually the sign of a leak which comes from another part of the fixture. It only happens after it is flushed and then begins … Toilet Leaking At Bottom Where Base Meets Floor – What To Check – How To Fix Read More » Water that seeps out of a damaged toilet … 1. landmanhall. Water belongs in your toilet not on the floor, let's get that fixed. There are several reasons why a toilet might leak from the base, and being able to spot the difference can help you to get the best from your toilet. A toilet is sealed to the top of its drain pipe with a ring of wax that sits between the drain flange and the toilet base. Now when you flush, it leaks worse than it did before! Thank you, No leak until she filled the tub up. my guess is that I have a partial obstruction somewhere in my drain line after the toilet and shower line meet. Signs of water around the base of the toilet or water stains in the … Hold the toilet flapper open to get as much water out of the tank as possible. Then put the toilet back in its place and turn the water on once again. Choose from the following options: The tee bolts are loose. Cracks in the Toilet Bowl. I don't even know where to begin to fix this because it is 100% leak free during normal operation (ie not backing up). Putting off the problem will only cause further (and more expensive) water damage. In order to replace the flange, you need to remove the toilet. If your leak fits the second description and happens only when flushing, you probably have a loose or broken float seal, or another broken part within the flushing mechanism. When I flush my toilet, there is a small water leak that occurs at the base. The wax seal has been replaced 2 or 3 times. We have replaced the wax ring and the seal between the tank and bowl which seemed to solve the problem for awhile. Is your toilet leaking between the tank and the bowl? Ask Question Asked 8 years ago. The leak is on both sides where the bottom of the toilet meets the floor of the bathroom. Water pooling around the base of the toilet is … When your toilet is leaking at the base, many people think caulking is the answer when in fact it actually just causes more problems. Every floor mounted toilet sits on, and is bolted to, a PVC or cast iron floor flange. Viewed 11k times 0. Caulking at the base of your toilet does not stop water from leaking. That means it’s extra important to resolve quickly. I just replaced the wax ring under my toilet. This has happened before. Yes, so can a sink and washing machine drain pipe. Inspect the bowl and base of the toilet for cracks. Take the lid off of the toilet tank. Often the fix can be simple, but sometimes it requires some serious time and effort. When it drained (slowly) water came out from the seal at the base of the toilet. This is not very common but it does happen. As a homeowner, you’ve probably seen a toilet which leaks from the tank or drains down into the bowl. The tips outlined here should be enough to get the job done, but when it’s time to turn it over to the professionals, know that you have great resources available at Whipple Service Champions . Flappers, which provide a watertight seal in your tank, can actually start to corrode; due to the in-tank cleaners that many people install to keep their toilet sparkly. Whether you see or smell your toilet leaking at the base, it could be a quick fix or a bad sign. What Causes a Toilet Leak? the cistern or even the water supply pipe or valve). Traditionally, the … A leaking toilet of any kind is a massive problem, but a leak coming from the base of your toilet packs an even bigger punch. In this case, you will likely need to purchase a kit that’s specific to your toilet in order to replace the broken seal or broken mechanism.